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Let’s Break Stuff! – Best Casual Game award

Let’s Break Stuff! was shortlisted for 2 awards at the Engineers Ireland Game Developer Awards at the recent Games Fleadh 2013 in Thurles. I have been aware of this festival (now in its 10th year) but hadn’t travelled to it before. There’s a lot of impressive work going on there – kudos to Phil Bourke [...]

Let’s Break Stuff! socially

Well, the difficult road of putting together a social/multiplayer version of LBS is nearing its end at last. This was supposed to be a fun little addition to the game, but ended up being a lot more work than expected. I guess I’ll never learn There’s a fairly hefty server back-end looking after the creation [...]

Don’t Launch a DDOS on Your Own Website!

A month or so ago, I wrote a new ‘games and news HUD’ and loaded it into most of my deployed games. This operates by downloading a small package of news text and game logos from my webserver, and displaying these inside the game. The idea is that I will be able to notify people [...]

Let’s Break Stuff! – Update

Let’s Break Stuff! has been live on the Android store for about a week, and was just released for iOS last night. Downloads on both the BlackBerry PlayBook and the Android have been good, so I’m hopeful for the iOS too, although each platform does seem to offer its own “challenges” in terms of getting [...]

Let’s Break Stuff! – gameplay movie and BlackBerry release

The first platform I’m releasing Let’s Break Stuff! on is the BlackBerry PlayBook. It runs really nicely on this device and the newly configured portrait orientation suits the extreme-widescreen of the PlayBook. Here’s a few screenshots and a youtube demo..

Let’s Break Stuff!

Everyone likes to break stuff. This is a new game I have been working on for a bit; it’s basically an ‘Angry Cutlery’ game where you get the satisfaction of firing a slingshot at tables and dressers full of crockery, glasses and bottles. Sam’s attempt at hitting the App Store’s magic “lowest common denominator”, perhaps. [...]