Based in Galway, West of Ireland, Psychic Software (Psychic Games Ltd.) is an award winning Game Studio whose founders have been making games since the 1980s collaborating with various artists, musicians and other game studios.

Games range from a car-combat MMO which has been live and online since 2006, to casual smartphone puzzle games achieving millions of downloads, arcade-adventures, platformers, multiplayer online racers, CRPGs and more.

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Check out our upcoming game 'The Necromancer' Tale' - a story-rich gothic RPG. Master the rituals of an ancient spellbook. Raise an undead army to march against your enemies. Commune with the realm of the deceased & struggle with your descent into madness. Progress through secrecy, diplomacy, blackmail, coercion & seduction until ready to reveal yourself. Try the free demo here: Necromancer's Tale on Steam