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Afterburn 2150 – Beta

Afterburn 2150, a space shooter that takes you on a tour of the solar system, is nearing completion (phew!). There’s a webplayer beta here And an Android .apk here The reason headphones are recommended (apart from the kickin’ menu music) is that the 3D audio helps you know where offscreen enemies behind you are shooting [...]

Afterburn update..

I have been making good progress with Afterburn 2150 over the last couple of months. In the last few days I got the powerup system finalised: there will be 6 different powers: afterburn, rapidfire, multifire, shields, guidedfire, and bomb. Initially, the powerups were to be collected by driving thru 3D objects in the game, but [...]

New Lands, Darkwind-style

There has been a very encouraging upswing in creative contributions from Darkwind players recently. Two or three people have been producing really nice new racetracks and wilderness maps, and a particularly well written fiction set in 2060′s Evan is underway. When it’s ready, I’d like to add this fiction to the ‘official’ stories, which currently [...]