Monthly Archives: October 2005

Making Progress

We got another vehicle into the game — it took a bit to convince the AI drivers to treat it differently to the buggy, but they got there in the end.

I have also continued to tweak the crash resolution code, and spent a day or two improving camera movement: you can now orbit around the selected vehicle, skip around fast by right-clicking on the terrain as well as use the standard mouse/keyboard controls. The mouse wheel directly controls camera height now rather than field of view. All camera animation has been moved from the scripts into the engine, to improve smoothness.

This new road track has been added, as a vastly different alternative to the dirt track. The new cobra car performs well on road, but tends to get stuck in the sand dunes and on the lumps and bumps on the dirt track.

I’m continuing to look into hosting possibilities — Windows private servers seem to be dropping in price, so the time may be soon…

[This is an historical blog post which used to live on my Darkwind website]