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Web-player Demos of Afterburn 2150, Block Rockin, Mars Defender

I have just uploaded web demos of Afterburn 2150, Block Rockin, and Mars Defender. Afterburn hasn’t been mentioned here before – it’s a 3D shoot-em-up that takes you on a tour of the solar system while blasting the baddies. This is an early demo of it. The main reason I have posted these is that [...]

Block Rockin’: Facebook version

I’ve had a bit of fun figuring out the Facebook developers API and integrating it into Block Rockin’. The game is now running as a Facebook app. The key social feature here is that the high scores table no longer reflects the scores of people using the same physical device, but is now constructed from [...]

Block Rockin’ on the App Store

Block Rockin’ is now available in the App. Store I’m still toying with how best to release it for Android – from what I read, piracy is a serious problem on that platform, so we might have to embed adverts in it.

Block Rockin’ Progress

I approached Anthony, a long-term Darkwind player with a talent for texturing vehicles, to see if he’d like to get involved as the texture artist in Block Rockin’. So now there’s a team of two We’re working on a number of themes (Neolithic, Circus, Deep Space, etc.) and therefore different textures for all of the [...]