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Block Rockin’: Facebook version

I’ve had a bit of fun figuring out the Facebook developers API and integrating it into Block Rockin’. The game is now running as a Facebook app. The key social feature here is that the high scores table no longer reflects the scores of people using the same physical device, but is now constructed from [...]

Block Rockin’ on the App Store

Block Rockin’ is now available in the App. Store I’m still toying with how best to release it for Android – from what I read, piracy is a serious problem on that platform, so we might have to embed adverts in it.


I finally got around to implementing bullethole decals that are blended into the vehicle skins in Darkwind whenever they are hit. The code is just a slight rework of that already used for custom decals; the major thing holding me up on this one was the problem of how to know where in the vehicle’s [...]

Gravity Games and Zombie Survival

Here’s a few other game ideas that I have been thinking about and running technical tests on Shiva/iPhone: An Ant Attack / Zombie survival game where you live in a ‘block city’, with moveable blocks and maybe some limited crafting. You need to eat to survive, esccape the zombies etc. Early tests indicate that the [...]