Monthly Archives: February 2006

Update Daemons

I’ve been working on the update daemons. The training daemon is up and running early every Friday morning, so set those training orders now, y’hear? The trade daemon is also running every night for vehicle components and weapons: basically this means that the amount of new stock arriving into the town is related to how much has been consumed over the last couple of weeks (including by the fictional ‘non player’ population). It is also increased when stock levels start getting dangerously low, and will (later) be affected by piracy too. The cost of vehicle components and weapons is related to how far a town is from the production source, and is also affected by low stock levels and piracy. Piracy is related to how dangerous the trade route is: this will involve the effect of player pirates as well as simulated non-player pirates.

Hopefully this will all lead to subtle and dynamic trade conditions as the game rolls out to the full continent…

The specific components (chassis, tyres, weapons, engines) that arrive into town are a function of how rare each type is (you won’t see too many hearses but maybe lots of altos). This also means that spare parts for uncommon items will be harder to get. The stock shipments arrive at various times during the day.

[This is an historical blog post which used to live on my Darkwind website]