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Seriously, why aren’t you playing Darkwind yet?

An impressively in-depth review of Darkwind was just written up by one of the admins at Video Game Geek:

Pathfinding just like those clever humans..

This paper discusses the use of empirical cost-surfaces derived from substantial amounts of player-traced movements in Darkwind, for the purposes of improving A* pathfinding by AI vehicles. My core ideas are that (i) there are a number of subtle factors related to both effectiveness and aesthetic value, which definine optimal routes around the terrains, and [...]

An Experiment in Games Addiction

I have been investigating the mechanisms behind so-called ‘text based MMOs’ — many of which have patently shit gameplay but which somehow attract a decent number of paying players. It’s a study in addiction.. Games such as Mob Wars, Bite Fight, Fallen Sword. The basic game mechanism is to repeatedly press a button and watch [...]