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“Hittin’ Worlds” Game Jam Winner

I took part in a game jam on Saturday, and we won! My main collaborator was artist Niall O’Reilly from local game art company DoomCube. The game runs using HTML5/Canvas, with a node.js websockets server. The ‘render client’ ran on my laptop and players ran the ‘controller client’ on their phones.. this seems like a [...]

Raycast Car

Here’s some footage of a car driving around in the Shiva game engine, using the ‘raycast wheels’ approach. I have found that this gives much nicer results than the demo car that comes with Shiva, which treats wheels as constrained spheres. The problem with modelling wheels as spheres rotating on one axis is that this [...]

Making an efficient gameserver with node.js and mysql (Musclecar Online)

Last year, when one of my games went a bit viral, I discovered first-hand about the alarming inefficiency of Apache (webserver), especially when running PHP which forces you to accept a process-per-request approach. It became pretty clear that something much more lightweight would be required if I wanted to build gameservers with large player-bases in [...]

GUI Texture Atlases in Shiva

As you probably know, it’s important to use Texture Atlases for efficiency reasons on mobile devices. The idea is that you pack lots of textures into one big one, and then use UV offsets to define which region of this large texture to display in your HUD components. This means that only one texture has [...]

Shiva Undergrad Course

This is the content from a complete 9-week undergrad course that I taught between January and April this year. I hope it’s useful to some other Shiva developers! WEEK 1 – intro, IDE, API overview Lecture 1 – Introduction Lab 1 – Setup Shiva + Mars Rotator Mars model (Collada .dae and .jpg) (for use [...]

Genetic Algorithms – Game Dev. Magazine Article

I was asked to write an article for a magazine called ‘Game Coder’. They seem to have nicely focused special issues, and they were planning an AI one so my article on Genetic Algorithms fitted in well.

Integrating the 60beat iOS Gamepad, versus Xperia Play

I was contacted a month or so ago from a company (60beat) who recently released this: It’s a games controller for iOS devices. At first I assumed it was for Android, since my games have been getting much better visibility on the Android market. But no, iOS only for the moment. They offered to send [...]

3rd Party Game APIs

I have noticed a big increase in 3rd party game APIs for Android and iOS lately. It seems that the competition is really starting to hot up as they all scramble for market-share. Since they’re all pretty much hinging on social features, I can see why the battle is on. Over the past month, I [...]

Shiva Ninjaz!

I have been asked to give a talk at tonight’s “Code Ninja” workshop. Code Ninja is a competition for Galway students involving mobile or web apps/games. So Shiva’s just perfect.. Anyway, here’s my presentation slides (pdf, 1MB).. I hope they’re useful to someone The talk is only 45 mins long, so there’s no way I’ll [...]

Game Localisation with Google Translate

I recently wrote a Javascript-based tool which uses the Google Translate Ajax API to translate English phrases, as pasted into a textbox, into other languages. Pretty handy for games. Although the results from Google Translate can be a bit dodgy, I have found that they’re good enough to get version 1 done, and hopefully some [...]