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I love my BlackBerry Playbook!

Like many other Android developers (and especially those using Shiva), I jumped at the chance of a free BlackBerry Play Book. RIM offered one of these to anyone who released an app on the BlackBerry App World store during February. And Shiva makes it really easy to create Play Book executables – it supports direct [...]

Let’s Break Stuff!

Everyone likes to break stuff. This is a new game I have been working on for a bit; it’s basically an ‘Angry Cutlery’ game where you get the satisfaction of firing a slingshot at tables and dressers full of crockery, glasses and bottles. Sam’s attempt at hitting the App Store’s magic “lowest common denominator”, perhaps. [...]

IndieCity Competition IndieCity are running a competition whereby you play a bunch of free/demo games and answer questions about them, one per day. Nice idea.. and Mars Defender is one of them

Integrating the 60beat iOS Gamepad, versus Xperia Play

I was contacted a month or so ago from a company (60beat) who recently released this: It’s a games controller for iOS devices. At first I assumed it was for Android, since my games have been getting much better visibility on the Android market. But no, iOS only for the moment. They offered to send [...]