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Musclecar: Spyhunter [working title]

Here’s some footage from an endless driving/shooting game I have been working on, for iOS/Android. There will be 3 game modes: (1) endless driving (how far and fast can you get without crashing), (2) endless driving with guns (and armed enemies), (3) story mode – you’re trying to catch spies in supercars while being attacked [...]

Doodle Bomber

Doodle Bomber is a little game I made with graphics by my 10 yr old son, Andrew. It’s based on the old game Blitz that I used to play on the Apple II, where your plane flies across the landscape dropping bombs and levelling buildings. [BlackBerry 10 Phone/PlayBook]   [Android download]   [iOS download] I’m [...]

Crockery Ninja

OK, it’s not very original. But it’s a bit of fun. I wanted to do a small collaborative project with an artist friend of mine (Liam Krewer) and I also felt that the sound effects in Let’s Break Stuff! were just too good to not be used one more time. [Android download here]   [iOS [...]

Asteroid Storm

Blast your way through waves of asteroids, beautifully rendered in 3D with powerups, shields, and plenty of explosions. Classic arcade action with modern graphics. Includes local and online high-score tables. Take too long on a wave and alien ships will hunt you down – just like the original game from the 1970s. Available for Android [...]

I love my BlackBerry Playbook!

Like many other Android developers (and especially those using Shiva), I jumped at the chance of a free BlackBerry Play Book. RIM offered one of these to anyone who released an app on the BlackBerry App World store during February. And Shiva makes it really easy to create Play Book executables – it supports direct [...]

Deathracer haitus

Deathracer has been giving me grief the past month or two. It’s a combination of factors. The apparent inability of the Shiva game engine to run complex code efficiently enough to control the number of computer drivers that I want, when running on an iPhone, is probably the main problem. I have spent a lot [...]