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Modifiable Meshes

One of the coolest features on Shiva that I have been playing around with is the modifiable mesh. This is something I always wished I could do in Darkwind, but Torque really didn’t make it very feasible. With Shiva, you can iterate through the individual vertices and even their uvs, and edit them. I’m working [...]

Darkwind – 5 years and counting..

It’s exactly 5 years since Darkwind’s first online Alpha tests.. a 3-lap race with symphonies around the dirt racing track, complete with timetrials. It has certainly come a long way since then!

Block Rockin’ Progress

I approached Anthony, a long-term Darkwind player with a talent for texturing vehicles, to see if he’d like to get involved as the texture artist in Block Rockin’. So now there’s a team of two We’re working on a number of themes (Neolithic, Circus, Deep Space, etc.) and therefore different textures for all of the [...]


We’re going to be hosting the academic/industry crossover conference ‘Game On‘ here in Galway this year. My academic colleague Colm asked me to help out on the organising team, which I’m happy to do since I know he’ll run a tight ship and I’ll only need to row in behind him It was only really [...]