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Game Localisation with Google Translate

I recently wrote a Javascript-based tool which uses the Google Translate Ajax API to translate English phrases, as pasted into a textbox, into other languages. Pretty handy for games. Although the results from Google Translate can be a bit dodgy, I have found that they’re good enough to get version 1 done, and hopefully some [...]

Mars Defender for Windows, Mac, Xperia Play

Mars Defender is going live on the Mac app-store. It’s also available directly from my website here, for both Windows and Mac. There will also be an ” Xperia Play Optimized ™ ” version for Android soon, making nice use of the hardware D-Pad and Playstation buttons. I was actually contacted by Sony Ericsson to [...]

RPS ‘Apocalypse Boutique’ Darkwind Interview

Here’s a big, wide-ranging (but mostly Darkwind-related) interview with me just published on Rock Paper Shotgun.. thanks to Nicholas for making the contact: The MMOnitor: Darkwind – War on Wheels

Mars Defender: Solar Wars

I have started working on a multiplayer version of Mars Defender. Mars Defender: Solar Wars will initially have LAN/bluetooth ‘skirmish’ scenarios (basically, a bunch of multiplayer arcade games using the MD engine). There will be a number of different scenario types, including attack/defend games involving slow-moving transport ships, space station attacks, and points-based games such [...]

Mars Defender Reviews

Here’s a pretty positive review of Mars Defender published on Android Rundown (overall score 7/10) And one here on Nov 12th: Another good review (apart from low marks for the controls) here on Play Android (overall score 23/30)