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Dead By Dawn

I have been working on various gameplay bits.. searching, recoil & recovery, action states. Also the zombies now attack, and eat you when you die (heh). Next up, I’m working on the inventory system and on controlling multiple characters. The idea is that you’ll have to co-ordinate several characters at once; some searching while others [...]

GUI Texture Atlases in Shiva

As you probably know, it’s important to use Texture Atlases for efficiency reasons on mobile devices. The idea is that you pack lots of textures into one big one, and then use UV offsets to define which region of this large texture to display in your HUD components. This means that only one texture has [...]

Dead County – work in progress

I still haven’t decided on the name for this game, so “Dead County” is a working title. I have been working on the zombie A.I. (it’s very easy to make them look dumb, heh) and throwing in some physics-controlled objects to add to the fun. It’s a pity my gun doesn’t work yet.. Edit, Aug [...]

Zombie Graveyard

I have been having fun scratching around with some ideas for a 3rd person zombie survival game, in which you’ll progress through a series of randomly generated towns, and you’ll have to find resources and items, meet new characters and level up their skills, and all the while the zombie threat grows harder and harder. [...]