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3D Arkanoid

Of the various ideas I have been prototyping, one showing some promise is Block Rockin’ .. it’s a 3D Arkanoid or Brick-Out type game controlled by physics. Using the tilt sensors on the iPhone is a great way to control it too – your bat moves around a circular platform. The blocks are destroyed after [...]

Game Ideas

There’s a few loose ideas for iPhone games that I’m toying with at the moment. Shiva does a nice job of physics (it has the ODE physics engine integrated) so some kind of a sandbox physics game could be nice. It all depends on the limitations of the iPhone of course – from what I’ve [...]

Deathracer haitus

Deathracer has been giving me grief the past month or two. It’s a combination of factors. The apparent inability of the Shiva game engine to run complex code efficiently enough to control the number of computer drivers that I want, when running on an iPhone, is probably the main problem. I have spent a lot [...]

Sidekicks and viral marketing

During a pleasant evening with Nicholas Lovell before the ‘World of Love’ conference, we chatted about Deathracer and how it might work. Now, Nicholas really knows his stuff, so some new ideas came up here. The game definitely needs some kind of unique hook, possibly something to give it a chance of virality. I explained [...]


One of the things I learned from ‘World of Love’ was that it’s really important to keep checking out other games. I have had a tendency to just work away on my own, because what I really like to do is create games, not play them. With a 9 yr old and a 7 yr [...]