Let’s Break Stuff! – Update

Let’s Break Stuff! has been live on the Android store for about a week, and was just released for iOS last night. Downloads on both the BlackBerry PlayBook and the Android have been good, so I’m hopeful for the iOS too, although each platform does seem to offer its own “challenges” in terms of getting some visibility.

The low numbers of apps on the PlayBook means that a game can get easy visibility, although the low number of devices out there means that only moderate success is really possible. Some other companies have used the lack of competition on the PlayBook as an excuse to raise their prices and take advantage; this seems really bad form to me so I have avoided doing that. On the Android market (Google Play) the “new app” status and listing in the “new app downloads chart” that each app gets for a month is a great idea, as it gives some visibility for a reasonable length of time before being released into the big hostile pond that is the main app store. I think it may be tougher on the iOS, since an app starts to get swamped with newer ones immediately upon release. Well, we’ll see…. :-)

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