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Darkwind marches towards Steam

I haven’t posted on here in too long, and it’s mostly because I have been very busy working on Darkwind again. The big news is that the game was greenlit in May, for release on Steam around the end of August. Some of the main things I have been working on are: – making the [...]

Raycast Car

Here’s some footage of a car driving around in the Shiva game engine, using the ‘raycast wheels’ approach. I have found that this gives much nicer results than the demo car that comes with Shiva, which treats wheels as constrained spheres. The problem with modelling wheels as spheres rotating on one axis is that this [...]

Darkwind Developer Interview 2012

Back in June one of the Darkwind players, Groovelle, collated a bunch of questions from the players and we did an interview. I was kinda waiting for him to format/edit/sanitise/legalise it but he appears to have disappeared for a while, so I figured I’d edit it myself. So here it is…. the text is all [...]

New Lands, Darkwind-style

There has been a very encouraging upswing in creative contributions from Darkwind players recently. Two or three people have been producing really nice new racetracks and wilderness maps, and a particularly well written fiction set in 2060′s Evan is underway. When it’s ready, I’d like to add this fiction to the ‘official’ stories, which currently [...]

Evan Reds

Here’s a poster my friend Brian put together with my encouragement last year. There’s some subtle and somewhat biting ideas behind this about post-apocalyptic neo-communism, or something. But I can’t remember what they were.. must be the whiskey. We had a laugh making it anyway. In case you don’t know, the Evan Reds are a [...]

RPS ‘Apocalypse Boutique’ Darkwind Interview

Here’s a big, wide-ranging (but mostly Darkwind-related) interview with me just published on Rock Paper Shotgun.. thanks to Nicholas for making the contact: The MMOnitor: Darkwind – War on Wheels

Darkwind: Scavenger is live!

Darkwind: Scavenger is now live and available to all subscribers! In case you have been living in Vault 101 and don’t know what Scavenger is all about, here’s a quick run-down: 1. Subscribers can create a Scavenger gang in addition to their regular gang. You switch between the two from your ‘My Gang’ page. You [...]

Darkwind to Return to its Post-Apocalyptic Roots via ‘Darkwind: Scavenger’

Darkwind: Scavenger will be a new (optional) way of playing Darkwind. This will operate as a ‘hardcore’ mode as well as operating as a kind of ‘test server’ for new ideas. THE BASICS Players can run both a normal gang and scavenger gang. There will be an option on the website to switch from controlling [...]

Seriously, why aren’t you playing Darkwind yet?

An impressively in-depth review of Darkwind was just written up by one of the admins at Video Game Geek:

Pathfinding just like those clever humans..

This paper discusses the use of empirical cost-surfaces derived from substantial amounts of player-traced movements in Darkwind, for the purposes of improving A* pathfinding by AI vehicles. My core ideas are that (i) there are a number of subtle factors related to both effectiveness and aesthetic value, which definine optimal routes around the terrains, and [...]