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Shiva Ninjaz!

I have been asked to give a talk at tonight’s “Code Ninja” workshop. Code Ninja is a competition for Galway students involving mobile or web apps/games. So Shiva’s just perfect.. Anyway, here’s my presentation slides (pdf, 1MB).. I hope they’re useful to someone The talk is only 45 mins long, so there’s no way I’ll [...]

Web-player Demos of Afterburn 2150, Block Rockin, Mars Defender

I have just uploaded web demos of Afterburn 2150, Block Rockin, and Mars Defender. Afterburn hasn’t been mentioned here before – it’s a 3D shoot-em-up that takes you on a tour of the solar system while blasting the baddies. This is an early demo of it. The main reason I have posted these is that [...]