Let’s Break Stuff! socially

Well, the difficult road of putting together a social/multiplayer version of LBS is nearing its end at last. This was supposed to be a fun little addition to the game, but ended up being a lot more work than expected. I guess I’ll never learn ;-)

There’s a fairly hefty server back-end looking after the creation and management of the online games, stats and competitions, as well as the client-side work involved in searching for friends, chatting, viewing and launching games, etc. Also the integration of Facebook for logins challenges and brags, Push Notifications in order to alert players when they have moves pending, and some In App Purchases to (hopefully) make some profit from it. The core xml system for storing and recovering game states is retained from the user-created-levels system I wrote for LBS back in August, but that turned out to be just a small part of the task.

Now, I’m not sure if this will prove to be as popular as LBS singleplayer. But at least it’s nearly done. ;-)

Main website here
Android version here
iOS coming soon

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