LIE2ME is a computer game that tracks movement during deception.

It was originally developed for the FAKE exhibition at Science Gallery Dublin in Trinity College Dublin in March 2018.

In the game, you are asked to lie and tell the truth when you are asked questions. You respond using a computer mouse or touchscreen. Since lying is more difficult than telling the truth, you will tend to move the mouse slower and on wider paths when you are lying.


With the help of Shimmer Sensing, we will add GSR technology that can sense how relaxed or excited you are. We will use this information to find out if lying is more obvious when you are relaxed or excited.


Denis O'Hora, Psychology, NUI Galway
Sam Redfern, Information Technology, NUI Galway
Nick Duran, Psychology, Arizona State University, USA
Arkady Zgonnikov, Physics, University of Aizu
Shimmer Sensing


Lying is more complicated than telling the truth. It is harder for our brains to do.

When we Tell the Truth:
    1. We Understand
    2. We Answer

When we Lie:
    1. We Understand
    2. We Stop the Answer
    3. We Create a New Answer

In the LIE2ME game, we track your movement when you tell truths and lies to see the effects of your thinking on your movement.

We also plan to develop machine learning algorithms that will learn to guess when players are telling truths and lies.